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justericdelko's Journal

A Community for all the Eric Delko Fans
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This commuity's purpose is to dicuss and share all things related to Adam Rodriguez and Eric Delko, the character he plays on CBS's hit show CSI: Miami.

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When a sports injury sidelined Adam Rodriguez in highschool, his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player were put aside and he turned to acting. He had dabbled in children's theartre in his native New York, and by age 10 had autioned for a role in "The Cosby Show." His break came when he was cast in an episode of "NYPD Blue."

Rodriquez is also familiar to television audiences from his roles in "Brooklyn South," on CBS and "roswell." His other television credits include "All Souls," "Ressurection Boulevard," "Felicity" and "Ryan Caulfield: Year One." He has also appeared in the feature film "The Imposter" and in Jennifer Lopez's video for "If You Had My Love." In 2003, he was featured in People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue and in People En Esponol magazine's "25 Most Beautiful People."

Rodriguez divides his time between New York and Los Angeles. His birth date is April 2.

Biography provided by CBS

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3. No foul language or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Let's try to keep this community clean and open to all ages.
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